The Grafton Farmers Market brings together wonderful local vendors to provide the best in fresh seasonal produce. Consider that the average item of food travels 1500 miles from source to your plate.  At the Grafton Farmers Market, the journey from source to your plate is infinitely smaller.  Careful consideration is also given to picking the best vendors so that a wide selection is available to you at all times.

In addition to a wide array of local veggies, fruit, and plants, the Grafton Farmers Market vendors will also offer fresh-baked breads, pies, jams and honey products.

The cornerstone of a good farmers market is that it represents the best seasonal produce from local farms!  Please don’t expect fresh bananas at our New England market!  And also keep in mind that you might not find fresh tomatoes or corn at the beginning of the season either. … but you may find the last of the early summer berries as a sweet surprise.

To help understand the seasonality of local agricultural products, take a look at this  produce-availability chart.

As you are probably aware, we have had an exceptionally wet start to the growing season. Our farmers are reporting that their cold and wet-loving plants, such as lettuces, chards, radishes and onions, are thriving while crops such as corn are just waiting for the first sunny days. You will know when the local corn is ready — you’ll see it first at our market!

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