MARKET DATES:  Every Thursday, 2-6:30 (or dusk).

The Grafton Farmers Market in Grafton, MA is a volunteer-managed, local producer market that provides local produce, baked goods, artisinal foods, and hand-crafted items during the New England growing season.

Our Mission Statement:

  • To provide fresh, local food directly from farmers to consumers.
  • To help the local farming industry to remain healthy.
  • To educate the community about healthy and sustainable living.
  • To provide a social experience that builds community.

That all said, our number one goal is to just have fun!!  Please stop by and check things out.  And if you have questions or comments, let us know by sending an email to info@graftonfarmersmarket.com

Farmers Market patrons may park in any of the legal spaces around the Common.

We also hope the market will help educate the children in our community about the importance of local food and healthy eating.  We face an epidemic of childhood obesity and we need to arm our children with healthy eating experiences.  Positive early experiences with fresh, local, and delicious fruits & vegetables can help!  And if they see us getting excited about healthy foods…they’ll do the same!

Our country has seen a huge increase in number of farmers markets recently!  This is a great thing, but keep in mind that food purchases at farmers markets only account for 2% of the national food purchases (Walmart has #1 in the bag!!).  So as things start warming up, consider marking off a couple other Blackstone Valley markets to visit and enjoy.  You can use this map of the region’s markets (Blackstone Valley DeTours Map).

While visiting our market, you may want to take advantage of the other business spots around the Common, which include the landmark Grafton Inn, the Grafton Country Store, Cirrus’ Wine Cellar and Peggy’s Place Boutique. (the latter two are located inside beautiful One Grafton Common, the former Town House). Take some time to get to know Grafton!

The Grafton Farmers Market is a certified member of the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Farmers Market Coupon Program.  This program provides women and children in the Federal Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), and elders with coupons redeemable at farmers markets for fresh fruits and vegetables.